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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Greetings from Portland, Oregon!!!

Hey y'all. I really wanted to call you and say "and now, live from Portland, Oregon!!!" and pronounce Oregon all wrong and everything and then teach you how to say it right... unfortunately, the flu has given me a touch of laryngitis, and I sound *awful*! So bad, it's really funny... So sadly, I can't call you. But I'm checking in from my parent's house (my former abode). It's Mumzie's birthday tomorrow and we just got back from seeing Broadway's The Lion King and dinner at The Macaroni Grill. Very *very* cool. The Lion King, not Macaroni Grill (though the dinner was delicious).

Everyone in the world should go see the Lion King. I love Broadway shows, but this is sooo different because of the way they do the costumes- it's like half human/half animal. It's really amazing how the dancers are able to mimic animals movements while still retaining the gracefulness of stage performing. The singing and the production were awesome!!

I'm talking to my friend Catie online and she's telling me that I got her sick. :-( Poor thing... I hate being sick. Though I did practically get a week of vacation from it, so that was..not cool at all of course (hehehe). I had a fever on Tuesday and ketones on Wednesday and being real sick + diabetic sick = pain in the butt! Gah!! However, *one* cool thing that came out of being sick was that I'm now the proud owner of a yellow Spongebob Squarepant thermometer that I bought for $7 at Target. It's sooo cool. It's like my favorite thing in the world now.

Anyway, Diabetes Teen Talk is coming along quite nicely. I'm no longer panicking about getting that site up by Nov. 14. *However* I am a little worried about not getting any coverage about it because, well, I haven't put an ounce of time or energy into getting coverage. Which is lame, because I'm a PR major and this is what PR people are suppose to do.

::le sigh::

OK- I need to make an emergency trip to Target to get one last little thing for Mumzie's birthday present (I bought her adorable blue fuzzy socks and I'm going to go get her a blanket- she and Father enjoy renting films on the weekend- but shhhh! don't tell!)



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