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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And the winner is...

You disappoint me. All of you. I can't believe you picked astronomy over Frodo. How could you? Except for Kerri. Kerri, you can stay.

Just kidding. ;-)

Actually, the results didn't surprise me at all. I thought most people were going to say Astronomy, though you focused more on the aesthetic appeal of stargazing than the applicable nature of the class towards my graduation requirements. I have to admit, taking Astronomy is the wiser choice.

But I cheated. I'm taking both classes:

Monday: ENG 199 11-11:50am; J440 12-1:50pm
Tuesday: ASTR 121 2-3:50pm
Wednesday: ENG 199 11-11:50am; J440 12-1:50pm; PPPM 481 4-6:50pm
Thursday: Tuesday: ASTR 121 2-3:50pm
Friday: ENG 199 11-11:50am

I discovered two things after I posted on Sunday:

  1. I was declared as a religious studies major, when I really wanted to be a minor. Thus, I declared as a minor. Because of this switch, I now qualify for the post-September 2005 requirements which means that I only need one (1) more Religious Studies class to get the minor. Yay!
  2. As you could probably tell by the schedule, there was actually two (2) Astronomy classes. By taking the second one I: 1) fulfill a requirement; 2) get to take a class with my good friend Dawn; and 3) still get to take the Tolkein class. Double yay!

This also means that I won't have two (2) 4-7pm classes. Once a week is bad enough, but two? Gah. I don't mind taking a class on Friday mornings because I will most likely still have to work that day and if I don't have a class in the morning, I will probably sleep til 1pm, surf the internet for a couple of hours, go to work and then come home and go to bed. At least this way, I'm up and hopefully productive. I plan to use whatever time I have after class to work on the diabetes websites I have going.

Still going to be volunteering at Edison Elementry school, because I enjoy it. But I'm switching the mornings to Tuesday/Thursday. I will also be taking ballet classes Tuesday/Thursday. I decided I needed to just do twice a week, because that's really all I go to now and my parents are essentially paying for a class I never go to. Which I think isn't very fair.

To be honest, folks, the whole "Decide Allison's future" was just a ploy to get people to comment on my blog. It worked pretty good, too. ;-)

I'm off to ballet!


At November 17, 2005 7:34 PM , Blogger Bryan said...

you fooled us.


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