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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

WANTED: Type 1 Adults!

As previously noted my first entry, I am the host of Teen Talk, a website for teens with diabetes. This month I'm working on an article about adults who were diagnosed with Type 1 as a teen or child. The purpose the article is to provide wisdom and encouragement from some older folks about living with diabetes long-term. A lot of these teens have only had it for 2-5 years (though some have had it longer), but all of them are dealing with growing up.

If you are an adult (over 21, preferably) and were diagnosed with Type 1 as a teen or child (before age 18), please contact me at amblass@aol.com or leave a comment with your contact info. Include your name, age, when you were diagnosed, occupation and what kind of treatment you are currently using (pump, Lantus, MDI).

I'm hoping to send out interview questions on either Friday or Saturday so please respond ASAP!!!

Thanking you kindly in advance.

(a real update will be posted soon)


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