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Monday, December 04, 2006

Notes About the Awards

1. Congratulations to all the nominees! Very exciting.

2. I'm absolutely addicted to checking the voting. 65 votes so far! Wow! I check three, four, five times a day. It's like crack.

3. I've noticed several people thank "the person" who nominated you. If you were nominated, it's because at least 10 or more people nominated you, not just one!

4. Several other people have noticed that all categories are mandatory. I did this because I want people to get outside of their comfort zone and spend some time reading new blogs, rather than just the same handful that we always do.

However, I'm completely open to the idea of making some of the voting optional, especially the very specialized sections like Type 1, Type 2 and Parents. I'm also open to having the nominating and voting process shorter (mostly because the majority of votes are cast during the first week, with only a few stragglers the rest of the month) and having the remaining time spent just reading and reviewing the nominees.

5. I'm completely open to thoughts about how the Awards are run. This is sort of a trial-and-error kind of thing (kind of like diabetes management...). We're kind of like the MTV Movie Awards - I'm open to starting new categories and dropping ones that don't work anymore. The timeline and all that are also flexible, but I am staying put with the nomination starting on November 1st and the Awards being announced on January 4th (I need to keep something consistent!).

6. Remember, this is supposed to be fun, dammit!

7. Thinking about next year? One of the new requirements is that your blog must be updated in the month of August and you have to be listed in the Directory. If you are a Resident Lurker and decided to start blogging, please send me a submission form.


At December 04, 2006 2:48 PM , Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

8. We need to find a sponsor that will fly everyone to some exotic location for a big awards ceremony. All inclusive trip, food, lodging, cash allowance, etc.

Thanks Allison!

In all seriousness, I'm very honored to be included this year.


At December 05, 2006 1:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love scotts idea. We need a ceremony somewhere. As soon as I win the lottery i will take care of it all!


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