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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The S Factor

Considering some nasty lows that came from what the medical community seemed to regard as the "miracle drug" for diabetics, I'm surprised I stayed on it for as long as I did.

The drug left my blood sugars unpredictable, sometimes cresting evenly after a meal, sometimes skyrocketing to the high heavens, and sometimes crashing flat on my face.

It made exercising when I want to excruciating to figure out, and I could never quite figure out if I was giving the right amount.

So that's initially why I stopped taking it.

Symlin, you silly person, not insulin. I'm not that stupid.

At first, I liked Symlin. A1C dropped another .5% and I lost 5 lbs. But the shots stung like a bee biting my ass, and I had some lows that seemed to be moving in for winter.

I slowly but surely started forgetting to bring my Symlin with me to school. I was down to taking Symlin once a day, and even then, I wasn't sure if it was working.

Then I went on the DexCom and witnessed my blood sugar dropping 40 points post-prandial, after taking 10 units of Symlin but zero units of insulin. It only happened that one time, but after that, adios Symlin.

Until now.

So why am I returning to the Drug of Undeniable Annoyance?

Well, first there's the whole "rising post-prandial" blood sugars. Oh, who am I kidding, it's the whole "rising pre-and-post-and-everywhere-in-between-prandial" blood sugars.

That's a pretty good reason.

Then there's the "my stomach is seeing an awful lot of fresh air these days" reason. I thought moving home was going to make eating healthier easier, but after twenty-two years of cooking dinners, my family is pretty much set on eating Jack in the Box and Taco Bell at least once a week (that is, once for Jack in the Box, and once for Taco Bell).

And I'm sure the scones and muffins from Peet's aren't helping either.

I want to say these problems can be fixed with insulin, and I feel guilty thinking that I can't figure out some way of even faking control with insulin. But I'm bouncing so hard my stomach is doing cartwheels.

I'm hoping that by restarting Symlin I can knock down a few of these stratospheric postprandial highs.

They don't just hurt my eyes and my kidneys and my heart.
They hurt my soul too.


At November 22, 2006 9:06 AM , Blogger Keith said...

I too have trouble eating 'healthy' inside the environs of the family. Sonic currently has a Tuesday night 5 for $5 deal on their hamburgers. So guess what we've been having on Tuesdays? Yeah, your right!

I have my best success though when I watch my quantities, i.e. I need to quite eating a whole burger. Could you just eat 2-3 tacos on those TB nights or half a burger and a few frys at JITB? Just a suggestion. Oh yeah, Scones make my pump spin like a madman and my waistline buldge.

BTW, Bees don't bite, but I know what you mean. ;-)

Have a great Thanksgiving and let's agree, we're not going to diet tomorrow!

At November 26, 2006 3:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried symlin, and finally stopped after attempting for a year. The only meal I really miss it for is breakfast, and I have a whole damn refrigerator full of the drug (I swear like 15 bottles...)


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