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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Four Years

This past week marked the fourth anniversary of Dr. Hansen's passing. Because yesterday was Memorial Day, I decided to submit in my 1st annual D-Blog Day post to this weeks Grand Rounds over at From Medskool.

If you're new to this blog or don't know me very well, I suggest you read this post.

In other news:

Change of plans once again. Father unit is not driving across the country. Yeah, I knew that wouldn't last very long. Back to the original plan of him flying out a few days after me (this minimizes the amount of work he misses).

I'm kind of sad, though. I was looking forward to buying a car this weekend.

I also cut and highlighted my hair this weekend. What a disaster! Highlights were sheer blond against my dark brown hair, and it look ridiculous. Parents insisted it looked fine, but considering this was the day before we were supposed to have family portraits done, I insisted we cancel until we got my hair looking normal again. Of course, this means I have to drive another 200 miles roundtrip again. I'm really getting sick of the Oregon I-5 corridor.

15 more days. I have five boxes now.


At May 30, 2007 7:30 AM , Blogger LORI said...

I read your old post about Dr. Hansen. Wow, if only there were more endocrinologists - and doctors in general - like him. Nice tribute. :)


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