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Friday, July 22, 2005

BIG Lemonade Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who wrote me about the article that I'm working on. I heard from over a dozen of you within 24 hours, which for a journalist, is amazing.

I'm going to be working on the article for the next week and it should be up on Teen Talk sometime during the beginning of August. Though I don't update the website myself, so I personally am not responsible for the posting of the article, so don't blame me if it isn't right on August 1. I think it will be a really good article and I'm really excited to see what the responses are from all the big kids who are writing in to tell us little kids what to expect. Honestly, as a teen (I really should get used to not saying this- 2 more weeks...), a lot of things like working with diabetes, being pregnant with diabetes, being a parent (!) with diabetes are on my mind. Or should I say, COMPLETELY FREAKING ME OUT!

I don't know how parents have kids when they have diabetes. I would so scared to have a seizure with a baby around... Not that I've ever had a seizure, but still. I suppose all parents have to deal with sudden catastrophes that render them parentally useless. But with diabetes, they are so much more... there.

::screams into her pillow::

OK. I'm better now.


I think I need a hug.


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