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Friday, November 03, 2006


I better do this quickly! All the people I'm thinking of tagging are already being tagged.

First, a disclaimer: I do not maintain that any of the following random facts are at all interesting. Any resemblance to something humorous or interesting is merely a coincidence.

1) Kerri mentioned she has never been in a fight. I, too, have never been in a fight. But in the 8th grade, I very much enjoyed smacking this very annoying guy who liked me with my purple lunch bag. I especially liked hitting him when I had a Snapple bottle inside. I also got a thrill out of smacking him upside the head. That thwack sound was addicting.

I was a very violent thirteen-year-old.

2) Portland is home to the World's Largest (and Greatest) Bookstore - Powell's. Powell's is excellent bookstore but also enormous. The Downtown branch, a.k.a. the City of Books, is an entire square block and three stories tall, with eight color-coded rooms. First-timers need a map. When I was a little girl I hated going inside. My mother was a teacher, so we would visit often when we were downtown, but I was always so scared of getting lost among the towering bookcases and swarming people that I would beg her to come back without me.

I, of course, have mended my ways and now plan to move in with a small cot, a coffeemaker and a flashlight. And a cooler of insulin, juice and pump supplies.

(This is where I leave to go test, grab some cookies and think about what my other three random facts will be... 189 mg/dl. Not too bad.)

3) I hate having my knees being touched. I have a downright kick-you-where-it-counts hatred. I don't even like to touch them! If we ever meet, don't try touching them to see if it's true. I will either hit you or cry. Probably both. The only people who can barely get away with touching my knees are little children. Like Riley. Riley could touch my knees and I would be okay. I wouldn't like it, but I would be okay.

I just hope my future husband doesn't have a knee fetish or anything.

4) I never changed majors. College students are notorious for changing majors at least a dozen times or not deciding until they're forced into something due to lack of time. I decided when I was 17 years old I wanted to work for JDRF and I essentially got my degree because it fit what I wanted to do plus it gave me options to go into something else if the JDRF thing lost it's appeal (which, knowing my track record of over-extending myself and then burning out, is quite possible). I took my first J-school class fall term my freshman year and never looked back.

In fact, I could graduate a term early (March 2006). But honestly, why would I want to enter the Real World any earlier than I have to? This whole Grown-Up thing is severly overrated.

5) I'm addicted to cracking my joints. I know, I know. It's only like one of the grossest things someone can do to themselves. But I started when I was, like, in middle school and I just can't seem to stop! I can crack pretty much everything, head to toe: neck, spine, all three joints in my fingers, hips, knees, ankles and toes. My favorite thing to crack is my back. There are three ways I can do it. Either sitting up in a chair and twisting, sitting on the edge of my bed or on the floor and leaning back and twisting, or lying flat on my back and twist my spine by turning my hips to one side. Oh. My. God. When you get just the right pop in just the right place, I swear it's heaven.

Okay, I have no idea if these people have been tagged, but last I looked, they haven't:

Megan, my partner-in-crime (she helped me devise "Noncompliant Diabetics Have More Fun")
Mommy-to-be Lyrehca
Rock Star mom Vivian
Penny, Riley's mom
Diabetes journalist extraordinare, Amy T


At November 09, 2006 10:45 PM , Blogger art-sweet said...

Crack. Crick. Oh the spine is the best one.

I'm still here. Still reading. Will comment more, I promise.


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