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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Year in Review

I did this Year in Review on my other blog (a Livejournal for high school peeps) and I am continuously amazed that memes that my high school friends fill out eventually find its way into the O.C.

Anyway, here is my Year in Review meme, taken from both Lemonade Life and Everything Related.

January: Don't worry, my Fine Blogging Friends, this isn't an "au revoir" post. Me? Get off my Soapbox? Ha ha, never!

February: I love JIMMY STEWART.

March: As you can see, I've moved.

April: I’m home!!!

May: I'm finished with 2 out of four of my projects. Which means it is now Meme Time.

June: Well, I can finally post the big news that I have been waiting since FEBRUARY to tell you all.

July: Having had Type 1 diabetes for 12.5 years, I have had my fair share of endocrinologist appointments.

August: Just in case you haven't been paying attention... 5 more days!

Last Wednesday I was given a trial of DexCom by the Nice Folks at OHSU.

October: 1. Do you still have tonsils? Yes. I plan to keep them there, seeing as how they haven't caused me any issues. If it ain't broke, don't fix.

November: Well, folks. It's up.

December: 1. Congratulations to all the nominees! Very exciting.


Honestly, I don't think these sentences make my life sound very interesting. I think I need to work on more dramatic opening lines.

There was lots of traveling this year, both in Real Life and in the blogosphere with me switching blogs. There was school. There were new developments in my diabetes care (new endocrinologist and the six-day trial of DexCom). And there were O.C. projects with the relaunch of the Official site and the Blog Awards (winners announced on Thursday).

Oh, and I also turned 21.


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