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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Deck the Halls with Tunes of Christmas

Okay, George tagged me for one of the hardest memes I've ever seen. I'm not a huge fan of Christmas music anymore. After being tortured by it at work (non-stop Christmas music for three and a half hours a day, four days a week), it really isn't something I listen to unless I must.

That being said, there are a few holiday tunes that I actually do enjoy listening to, from the past, to the present, to Christmas future.

5. "Santa Baby" - Madonna or Marilyn Monroe. I like both of them, I can't choose. I know, this is my one "Ohmygosh, you like what song?" But I really think this song is funny and I can't help but "boo-boo-be-doo" along with it.

All my credibility is gone, isn't it?

4. "The Hanukkah Song" - Adam Sandler. Okay, okay. I know it isn't a Christmas song, and I know I'm not even Jewish. But come on. This is not only a great holiday song, but freaking hilarious. Anyone who hasn't heard it needs to immediately download it from iTunes or musical piracy software of your choice.

3. "Silent Night." We have a little angel music box that plays this song while spinning around. It's the first Christmas song that I remember from my childhood.

2. "Carol of the Bells." My friend Jenny used to play this on the piano and it would mesmorize me. It's the one song that makes me wish I played the piano...or any musical instrument at all.

1. "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo" - Transiberian Orchestra. I'm surprised no one has mentioned them (either that or I just haven't noticed - apologies!) as this is quite possibly the most beautifully orchestrated song I have ever heard. It's on repeat several times in my CD player. I will stop whatever I'm doing to listen to it. Unless I'm driving.

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At December 20, 2006 5:53 PM , Blogger julia said...

How come your blog isn't being picked up by bloglines? Here I thought you'd stopped blogging....darn it.

I did mine.

At December 20, 2006 6:20 PM , Blogger Allison said...

Oh, I don't know... I switched to Beta a few days ago, but I think it was still picking up my blog for awhile. It just stopped with the last two posts, so I have no idea... I emailed David about it. Maybe he can figure it out.

At December 21, 2006 7:26 PM , Blogger Sandra Miller said...

Oh contraire! The credibility has only increased. :-)


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