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Friday, December 16, 2005

Winter Break: So Far

Get a job (hopefully) I start work at the Discovery Channel store tomorrow.
Finish Diabetes Teen Talk
Do lots and lots of PR work for DTT and for the OC (seriously, why are we not on dLife's website?)
Sleep Meh. The mattress sucks so my back hurts a lot. I'm always tired.
Eat copious amounts of candy at the Candy House party (for the last 14 years, my friend Kayce's family has hosted a Candy House party where we decorate graham cracker houses with frosting and candy. More candy ends up in my stomach than on the house. I don't even try to keep my blood sugars under control while I'm there. A high is inevitable.
Shop shop shop Well, a partial strike. I have finished shopping for Mother and Younger Brother, but Father's gift still alludes me.
Write? Maybe?
Go to the endo and get my latest A1C (ahhhh. Scary!) SEVEN POINT FREAKING THREE! Sweet heavens! 7.3 is the lowest I've ever been and it's only happened one other time in my life- and that was freshman year in high school. Six. Years. Ago.

Also of note: Voting as commenced for the OC Blog Awards- CLICK ME!


At December 21, 2005 2:10 PM , Blogger E said...

Congrats on the A1C! I too just hit the low 7's (for the first time that I can remember).


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