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Friday, February 03, 2006

It's a Friday Night:
Do you know where your Allison is?


I just want to make that clear. I just got home from watching Shop Around the Corner with my friends Annie and Kayla. Sooo cute. It was the inspiration for You've Got Mail (another totally "Awww"-worthy movie).

This week as been Busy. ::screams into pillow::

If I ever complain about being bored or not having a lot going on, please slap me. No, really. I give you permission. You can even refer to this blog entry for proof that I verified and approved of this slappage.

Yes, slappage is a word. At least, as of right now. So says Allison.

We last left our Hero as she was try to battle the Exercise Lows Demon. Has she prevailed? Well, not yet. Actually, it seems the Exercise Lows Demon has transformed into the Adrenaline High Monster. Which sucks just as much.

Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome my good friend Recap:

Wednesday: I was gone for 12 hours. I left the house at 10:45 and I returned at 10:15. First I had my Tolkein class, followed by PR Writing (in which I was caught sending an e-mail to Paula Ford-Martin of dLife and got the stern "Don't-Make-Me-Embarass-You" look from my professor, whom I adore).

That was followed by a delicious pita from the Pita Pit. Mmm. Pita.... Then hop, skipped and jumped over to the gym. I started at 240 and landed at 98. Huh. Well, no lows that time. The gym was then followed by Resource Development for Non-Profit Organizations which is a fancy term for Fundraising.

I'm learning out to weasle money outta you folks. Don't you just love college?

Class was followed by Nav Nite (a Christian youth group) which was then followed by coffee and a chocolate chip scone with my dear friend Sarah. That was followed by a little visit with Annie and Mike on the back porch of Roma, followed by HOMEWORK like none other. And sending random e-mail to people at 1 in the morning. Followed by a low at 2 a.m. Followed by another low at 3 a.m. Followed by a strongly-worded (not really), ranting e-mail to Gary about the fact that I was low at 3 in the morning.

I signed it "A-Very-Pissed-Off-Exhausted-Stressed-Out-Oregonian-College-Student" which seems to my theme of this week.

Gary says, "Don't despair. Diabetes sucks for all of us. And suckiness loves company. Or something to that effect." I heart Gary.

Thursday: I woke up late (obviously) due to aforementioned 3 a.m. low. I spent some of the afternoon reading.

I went to the gym!

But then I also walked to Williams' Bakery outlet and bought two cupcakes for $.79 and a bottle of Melatonin for $4.69. The Melatonin is to help me sleep because I've been having trouble falling asleep. The doctor on campus says it's gentle enough that my body's natural "Get UP!" alarms will not be impacted, so there is no need for worry about me sleeping through lows. The cupcakes were for kicks. I also talked to my dad. And I went to the library and wrote (most of) an English paper. And I read a little. I also spent a lot of time chatting online and checking blogs.

If I flunk college, I will blame the O.C.

Friday: I almost slept through Tolkein. Honestly. I am allowed 3 absences this term and I've only used one. Sigh. But I was a Good Little Student and I went. Then I went to Roma with Annie and drank coffee and ate a bagel. Then I went to Full City (another coffee shop) to meet up with Dana, a woman from church. We talked about work. Diabetes and such. She's really interested in what I do and I like talking to her about advocacy and the different organizations because she genuinely likes hearing about it and I like the feedback she gives me.

Afterwards, I had lunch and didn't do homework. It was SUNNY today so I decided to nix the gym and I walked around the track for a bit. I listened to Pink. I love Pink. I don't listen to her much but whenever I do, I always think, "Wow, I really like her." Showered, because that's just what you do after walking around the track listening to Pink. Had soup and pretended to write a conclusion for my English paper. Which still sucks in a "This Could Be Good If You Had Tried" kind of way.

Then Annie picked me up and we (that is, me, Annie and Kayla... and Stu, for like 5 minutes) watched A Shop Around the Corner.

Then I came home.

Then I decided to update my blog, because it's been awhile and I was starting to go through withdrawls. You know, shaking, anxiety, pacing up and down the hallway, moaning "I... need...Blogger...," and getting strange looks from my roommates as they back slowly away.

Okay, everything but that last sentence is true.

And Now: I shall really truly finish my English paper (blech, why do I take English classes that require me to write English papers that I don't like to write?!?!), finish my PR Writing packet of assignments (easy-cheesy), send out copious amounts of email that I still haven't written yet, put together this Sunday's Teen Talk update (God Bless Marissa Hitchcock for bailing me out of a very boring update!), writing the beginnings to an article on Teenage Independence for JDRF (I'm the Expert, remember?). I'm off to Washington (the State) tomorrow to visit Tina's (The Sweet Life Girl's) grandparents and to watch the Super Bowl.

I am driving 3 1/2 hours to watch a football game. I'm pretty sure this is one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

Once I'm finished preparing for the End of the World, I will pop a couple of my friend Melatonin, put on my jammies, crawl into bed, snuggle up with Pierre (my teddy bear, thank you), and drift off to Dreamland listening to the rain falling on my roof.


At February 04, 2006 6:43 AM , Blogger Kassie said...

Dear Professor So-and-so:

Please excuse Ms. Blass from assignments and exams for the rest of the year. We, the members of the Diabetes O.C., will vouch for the fact that she's a smart cookie and a hard worker.

Furthermore, we need her to update her blog, diabetes teen talk website, and O.C. website frequently. She is, after all, our Expert and Dictator. Who needs a college degree for *that*?

The P.W.D of the O.C.

At February 04, 2006 1:47 PM , Blogger Vivian said...

I concur.

At February 06, 2006 8:41 AM , Blogger Kelsey said...


I totally know what you mean about "This Could Be Good If You Had Tried" kind of papers. I think I got through the first half of grad school with them! :) Now they're not going to pass and I'm really having to try! I'm also a stressed out student, so I feel your pain!


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