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Friday, June 01, 2007

Part of Me

I wore a dress today.

It's green and pink and purple and aqua and has all these crazy shapes. I bought it almost two years ago and the only time I remember wearing it since then was in Orlando at the Volunteers Reception at the Friends for Life Conference.

It was warm today and I didn't have any other clean summer clothes.

This afternoon I was driving to Espresso Roma, the coffeeshop near campus where I went often during college. I was thinking about how I was going to bolus if I ate anything there. I thought "I guess I will have to go into the bathroom so I don't flash anyone."

I thought about how hungry I was because I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. I had gone to breakfast with a good friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in a few months. I was hungry and I wondered what my blood sugar was.

I don't know why I left the house without testing. I usually do if it has been more than half an hour after I last tested or ate. I guess I was in a rush.

I remembered I didn't take my Lantus that morning. It was five hours past when I was supposed to take it, and I wondered why I didn't feel sicker.

The traffic was slow, almost stopped, so I pulled out my meter and tested while driving, thinking I would need to go home to put on something that would allow easy clippage of the pump.

I was 193 mg/dl. I don't remember taking the Lantus, but then again, maybe I did?

I decided to not eat anything and I bolused two units.


When I left Roma almost two hours later, I pulled out my iPod. Tangled in the headphone cord was a syringe. I smiled and dropped the syringe back in my bag.


As I left the bathroom inside the coffeeshop, I spotted a test strip on the back porch where we like to drink and talk outside. I was surprised to see it there because I had not tested at the coffeeshop that day. Maybe it fell out of my bag when I got out my book, Life After God. I thought about picking it up, but I didn't.

The strip has my blood in it, so it's like part of me is still actually there.


12 more days.


I tested just now. I am 83 mg/dl.

Maybe the diabetes stayed at the coffeeshop too.

Later that night: I must have taken Lantus because my post-dinner reading is 100 mg/dl. Either that or I've got one of those screwy Ultra 2 meters and it's lying to me. Oh well. I'm not worrying about it.


At June 02, 2007 2:04 AM , Blogger kitter said...

You write very well, Allison... and your only the second person I know of who takes Lantus with a pump...


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