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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Endings and Beginnings

Don't worry, my Fine Blogging Friends, this isn't an "au revoir" post. Me? Get off my Soapbox? Ha ha, never!

There are just a few things that are Ending and a few things that are Beginning, and I thought I'd share them.

The End of: My Winter Vacation (::sniff::)

At the beginning of break, I posted my Big Plans. Let's see how they panned out.

Get a job (hopefully)

Finish Diabetes Teen Talk

Do lots and lots of PR work for DTT and for the OC (seriously, why are we not on dLife's website?)


Eat copious amounts of candy at the Candy House party (for the last 14 years, my friend Kayce's family has hosted a Candy House party where we decorate graham cracker houses with frosting and candy. More candy ends up in my stomach than on the house. I don't even try to keep my blood sugars under control while I'm there. A high is inevitable.

Shop shop shop

Write? Maybe?



Go to the endo and get my latest A1C (ahhhh. Scary!)

= 8/10 - Not too bad.

The End of: The Diabetes OC Blog Choice Awards

For this year at least. The Awards ceremony was last night and we had a great turn-out (though I'm sure it would have been larger had it not been the same night as the Rose Bowl. ::cough:: Dee ::cough:: Hey, who said that? Ahem.). The Winners list has been posted on the OC website, along with links. High-Fives to the Winners, Bear Hugs to all the nominees and a shout-out to everyone who voted! We had over 95 people vote, which was a lot more than I had expected. I was absolutely addicted to checking the results (as I am with my stat counter). I got giddy when I saw the numbers go up. It was such an amazingly close race in almost all of the categories, you have no idea! It was like watching the Presidential Race - who's it gonna be? Absolutely addicting.

The End of: The Interim Between Teen Talk and Diabetes Teen Talk

Teen Talk was my old website that I managed when I still worked for Diabetes Portal, Inc. As most of you know, it closed in September. Leaving me jobless and teens Teen Talk-less. Well, I've teamed up with a good friend of mine, Heather, to bring you Version 2.0. Diabetes Teen Talk, as it will now be known, features articles and interviews, a message board and a chatroom and it is the only website (that I know of) that is fully dedicated to providing TEEN-ONLY content.

I'm very proud of this website, and I think it's the best-looking website I've ever come up with (and, to be honest, I have very little to do with the snazzyness. That's all Heather.). You can see our gorgeous "Coming Soon" page by visiting Diabetes Teen Talk. The full site launches on Monday, January 9.

Who's excited?


At January 07, 2006 1:35 AM , Blogger Red (Aus) said...

That truly is a gorgeous and lovely coming soon page, well worth visiting :D

At January 07, 2006 4:27 PM , Blogger Allison said...

Why thank you, Karen. I hope you enjoy the Real Site when it goes live on Monday.

At January 08, 2006 2:34 PM , Blogger type1emt said...

I love your list of resolutions.
It helps- to focus on the things you know you'll get done!
- Heidi

At January 08, 2006 5:24 PM , Blogger Allison said...

Thanks Heidi! I wanted to make resolutions that I actually wanted to make, because otherwise it's just going to seem like a list of demands! I also think these will transcend into other areas of life, making me a better person.

Of course, losing 10 lbs. and getting a 4.0 on my next report card would be nice, but not as important as being a good person.


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