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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Life is a Numbers Game

There are so many ways to recap This Year. I could do it by seasons. I could do it by months. I could do it by Important Events. Photos. Drawings. Music.

I did a rather nice Life ReCap in October. It's long and intense.

Here's a bullet-point wrap-up because I need to shower for The Party of the Year.

  • Got locked out of my apartment in January (- 3)
  • Started seeing Therapist #1 (+5)
  • Painfully ended a painful friendship with a non-boyfriend over a six week period (-20)
  • Moved out of my apartment and into the House in February (+2)
  • Met Annie in February (+20)
  • In March, painted a living room and helped redecorate the house of the Campus Crusade campus director and his family as a Surprise and Gift for their new baby.
  • Flew to Jaw-juh to meet my best friend/sister Ashleigh (+20)
  • Got trapped in a recording studio for 18 hours while Ashleigh and her gospel group tried miserably to record their album (-8)
  • Cut myself for the fourth, fifth and sixth time in April (-30)
  • Started seeing Therapist #2 (+8)
  • Completed a 100-page research project on Stem Cell Research for InfoHell (+10). Received a B+ on it (additional +5). Interviewed Dr. Doug Melton in My Shortest Interview Ever (additional +5)
  • Cried hysterically at the Senior Graduation Dessert in June (-5)
  • Got a job at McDonalds in July (-5)
  • Saw the fireworks display at Fort Vancouver, Vancouver, WA. (+5)
  • Started Lemonade Life (+20)
  • Stayed with my friend Kristen, her husband and 2 kids (daughter has diabetes) in Sisters, OR in July (+5). Watched my six-month old pump spew out dozens of units of Humalog as it chokes and dies (-15).
  • Kissed my Teenage Years good-bye (::blows kiss::) and entered the land of Twenty-somethings in August (zero points)
  • Landed an A1C score of 7.8 in August - my lowest A1C since graduating high school (+10)
  • Quit McDonalds in September (+5)
  • Flew to California in September:
    - saw my grandma (+5)
    - saw Gary (+5)
    - went to the CWD conference for almost free (+10)
    - got my nose pierced (+8 for hotness, -5 for pain)
    - went to Inland Invasion (+20 for hotness, -10 for fight with friend)
  • My Baby (Teen Talk)closes in September, when Diabetes Portal, Inc. shuts down (-580)
  • Started volunteering at Edison Elementry school (+6)
  • Saw The Lion King on Broadway for my parent's joint birthday bash (+15)
  • Wore my ballerina get-up to work on Halloween (+4) Saw my friend Andy as a giant banana (+8)
  • National D-Blog Day:
    - wrote a memorial for Dr. Hansen (+27)
    - Missed Dr. Hansen a lot (-20)
    - started the O.C. Official Website (+ 50)
  • Thanksgiving with my Family and Friends (+20)
  • Nickel Creek and Andrew Bird in Concert! (+ 15)
  • Having a low for 2 hours and getting a stomach cramp from drinking too much soda and eating M & Ms (-15)
  • Scored an A1C of 7.3 - my lowest since my freshman year in high school (+15)
  • CANDY HOUSES (+20)
  • Christmas! (+ 50)

    Total: I'm pretty sure it's positive

  • Resolutions for 2006:

  • Be Happy
  • Be Loving
  • Be Curious

    Expect lots of Lemonade. And maybe some Strawberry Lemonade and Lemon Meringue Pies while I'm at it.

  • Hope you all have a safe, happy and lemonade-y 2006!


    At December 31, 2005 8:27 PM , Blogger Bryan said...

    Rasberry Lemonade is good too.

    At January 03, 2006 7:53 AM , Blogger Kerri. said...

    Happy New Year, Allison.

    At January 04, 2006 9:13 AM , Blogger Erica said...

    Holy cow talk about an eventful year!

    Cheers to 2006 :-)


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