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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hola from sunny San Diego!

Well, actually it's 9:15 at night, so it's rather dark, but it was sunny earlier today. Anyway, I have arrived safe and sound in San Diego, CA. I know, I'm sure all of you were just sick to death with worry over whether I had made it or not. I apologize for not updating sooner. I've been busy. Flew in thursday after an ass-long plane ride. sheesh. I only flew 1000 miles, but it took forever. Mostly it was because of my layover in San Jose. blah. And it's the most boring airport I have ever been to! and I've been to a lot! Avoid layovers in san jose when possible.

The first part of Friday I spent grocery shopping with my grandma, but the majority of the day was spent en route to the Children With Diabetes pump conference in San Diego. Took me *3* freaking hours to go 45 miles. oh the joys of public transportation. The reception was fun though. I was only planning on going to the reception to meet people and then I was going to come back on sunday to hang out with Gary Scheiner. But I ran into my friend Julie, of Pump Wear Inc. and she convinced Laura, the conference coordinator to let me come to the entire conference for free!

Odd diabetes occurence: Friday during the day I had perfect blood sugars (well, kinda... 83, 67, 118). Then, upon arrival at the conference, gearing up to eat dinner, I test and I'm a whopping 377. Whaa?? Didn't forget to bolus. Not running out of insulin. Set is perfectly fine. Craaa-zee. Dumped in the insulin. 2 hours later, I'm down to 248. Whew. Okay, everything's fine. Get home, talk with grandma, get ready for bed. Test. 365. OK, God, very funny. High bolus again (ok, yeah, I know I should have changed, I didn't, I'm a bad diabetic, moving on...). Wake up, 333. Now, I'm starting to think it's because of the whole prementrual cycle (as if being a woman wasn't bad enough). Finally change the insulin and site. Dump in more insulin... I check about once an hour out of sheer anxiety... slowing creeps down and by noon, 102.

Still no period. Blood sugars up and down but not going above 280. Anyone wanna wager a guess as to what happened or did my body temporarily do a "F&%$ you" to my insulin?

Saturday: John Walsh's session on advance pumping concepts (pumps good, testing good)...found out I could spend the night in Julie's room so I wouldn't have to worry about going home and coming back early in the morning... shopping at Westfield Shoppingtown... dinner at Bennigan's... ice cream social at the conference. Which of course resulted in a 277.

Sunday: breakfast. Natalie Bellini's talk on infusion sets. Which I only went to half of. I like my infusion set, the Minimed silhouette. And apparently Natalie approves of it to. Chatted with this very nice young woman named Meagan for awhile. She convinced me I just *have* to go to Orlando next summer. Really wants me to go to Cancun in January, but I'm already committed to going to Campus Crusade's Winter Conference and, unless God turns the rain into dollar bills, I can't afford both. I was going to go to Kim Kelly's talk but I kinda forgot about it. Chatted with the Animas pump rep Tammmi and the Minimed pump rep Linda. Very nice women. I like them. After lunch, I dragged Gary to Old Town San Diego with me because I wanted to see if they still had this store called Del Sol, that sells clothing and accessories that change color with UV rays. And it was still there! I was so excited! I bought this T-shirt. That's really about it... didn't do much in the afternoon... watched some football (bo-ring and even worse cuz we lost) and then went to wendy's. and then I came back to my grandma's.

It's been a busy couple of days and I still have a week left of vacation! I might update later this week, when I get to Los Angeles. I'm gonna finish checking email and sign off because I'm on dial-up and this thing is sooo freaking slow. Dial-up should be illegal.


P.S. Yes, I realize my re-cap of the conference sucks. Visit the CWD website for a more detailed report with pictures.


At September 13, 2005 7:40 PM , Blogger Sandra Miller said...

Allison, I very much enjoyed your recap. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun out there... keep us posted.

(And watch those highs, girl!)


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