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Friday, September 02, 2005

Ka-trina, Ka-trina/Go Away/Come again some other/NEVER!

In January, I switched from the Minimed 508 to the Minimed 715. Along with a brand-spanking groovy purple pump came new silhouettes, new resevoirs and new adhesive tape. The supplies they sent me lasted a good three months before I had re-order. When I did, they sent me a full set of supplies for...a Minimed 508 pump. I called and re-ordered the supplies and they sent me the correct supplies for the 715. The very nice woman from the Minimed store area told me she was going to transfer me to Customer Service so they could tell me how to return my supplies. However, my cell phone died and instructions were never given to me.

For five months, 508 diabetes supplies have been sitting in a box that holds up my full-length mirror in my room....until now.

I gathered up all old 508 supplies and a couple boxes of test stripes and drove down to the FedEx office after work today. I bought a bigger box and shipped them off. Cost me a grand total of $7.56... though they forgot to charge me for the box itself. Oops. Anyway, these never-been-opened, totally-useless, taking-up-space, life-saving supplies are now slowly making their way to Connecticut. Unfortunately, I'm a poor college student and I couldn't overnight that big a box (it would have been $50), so it will arrive on the 12th. But supplies are supplies and they will eventually get to someone who needs them.

I called my dad this morning and told him what I was doing. He said it was fine and also told me that there were more supplies at their house. So come Wednesday I will be digging through the closet for syringes and unuseful test strips to mail out.

I'm glad I have something useful to contribute to society. For some reason, a measly $5 doesn't really feel like it makes a difference. I know it does, because you can buy a lot of useful, live-saving stuff with $5, but a whole big box of diabetes supplies just feels like it'll make a big impact when it gets to its final destination. I just hope we're not too late.

I hate hurricanes. I can't stand rain, let alone a catastrophic natural disaster. Boooooooooo!!!


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