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Monday, August 29, 2005

Walk to Cure Diabetes


Not a whole lot has happened since the last time I updated, so I thought I would plug the Walk to Cure Diabetes a bit.

I'm walking with JDRF on Oct. 2 in Portland, Oregon. The Walk to Cure Diabetes is JDRF's largest fundraiser and over 85% of every dollar goes directly towards research. That's pretty amazing! JDRF is funding the top research going on for diabetes, so you're making a great investment if you donate to JDRF.

I'm hoping to raise around $1,000 this year. If you aren't already walking or would like to donate a little bit more, please visit my Walk website. Or, if it's easier, email me at amblass@aol.com and I would be happy to send you my address and you can mail me a check.

Thanks for considering my request.
Here's to a cure!


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