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Monday, September 05, 2005

The Latest and Greatest

hey everyone, okay, time for a happy post.

I'm going to California on Thursday! I'm sooo excited about this. It's going to be an awesome trip. I've been basically in Eugene all summer (with the exception of a three-day stay at a cabin, and two trips to Portland) and it's getting really boring. But tomorrow is my last day at McDonalds (thank the good Lord) and I'm packing up and getting the heck outta dodge on Wednesday. I just have to pack up and pray that Minimed gets my diabetes supplies here by Wednesday morning ::tries not to panic::

I'm staying at my parent's house in Portland Wednesday night and then on Thursday morning my dad is going to drive me to the airport. I arrive in San Diego that night. On Friday, I will be going to the CWD San Diego conference reception, although I'm not going to the actual conference. It seems like it's mostly for parents of younger kids and who are relatively new to pump (and I'm neither), but I want to see Jeff and Laura and meet some of the faculty and families there. On Sunday I'm going back down to the conference because my CDE is one of the faculty members, and I want to see him. He lives in Philadelphia, so we do everything over the phone and thru email. I haven't seen him in over a year!

Finally, on Wednesday, I'm going to go up to Los Angeles to stay with one of my good friends from high school, who is going to school there. I'm also very excited about that. I'll be in Los Angeles from Wednesday night thru Monday night. Then I fly home from Burbank and I stay in Portland until Thursday because on Thursday... I'm going on SYMLIN!

Going on Symlin is very exciting for me. My uncle works for Amylin, he's Vice President or something, and he has been telling me and my family about this drug for about 4 years now. And we've been waiting... and waiting... and waiting for it to finally get approved so I could go on it. Now it's finally approved and I get to go on it! How exciting! So I'll go on Symlin on Thursday and I'll work with the doctors to figure out the correct dosages. Hopefully it won't take too long because I start classes on Sep. 26th.

So that's the latest with me... nothing too terribly exciting. I'm still raising money too! To donate go here. Something weird happened and it won't show what my goal is, but the donating part still works just fine. Please donate!

Well, time for beddy-bye time. I have work at 10 in the morning. bah...


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