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Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's March?!

It's March 1.

Which means I have exactly 14 schooldays left before I graduate.

And I still don't have a job.

This past week has been on the Insanity side of things. On Friday I drove up to my parent's house near Portland because I was volunteering at the Children's Diabetes Seminar (think of it as a really small CWD) and Dr. Bruce Buckingham had been flown in for the 4th Annual James Hansen Memorial Research Seminar. Which is, at is always is, Research 101 for the uninitiated.

But I met him. Me! The girl who only interacts with people via a computer terminal! Okay, that's not entirely true, but I do have a penchance for standing around for twenty minutes, mulling over my opening line, before casually tip-toeing over to a person and squeaking out a "Hi...I'm Allison...we kind of know each other already but..."

Unless I'm hyped up on five cups of coffee. Then you can't get me to shut up without a roll of duck tape and some rope.

Nothing new or unusual to report. I go to a lot of these seminars, and I swear, I think Amy has done a better job of bringing me up to speed on research and technology than any doctor's seminar. Sometimes I think I go just so I can say I've gone. And to give parents my words of wisdom. Which, surprise surprise, happens a lot.

Monday, I had a Biology of Cancer midterm. Which I didn't study for. Go me.

On Tuesday, I had a 3 page paper due. Which I wrote Monday night. Go me.

On Wednesday, I had a 5 paper paper due. Which I started Tuesday night, finished on Wednesday, and ended up being 6 pages long. Go me.

Up next: 5 page group project in International Journalism, plus my final papers and exams.

14 more days... 14 more days. Holy crap.

Then seven days in New York, four days in Philadelphia (with a quick little jaunt up to New Jersey to see extended family). Then a week in Portland. Then a week in California.

Before I said my life ends on April 18.

But Lori has promised to take me out and get me drunk on April 19.

So now I have plans for April 19.

Go me.

Coming Soon: When Diabetics Meet and Drink.


At March 01, 2007 10:52 AM , Blogger AmyT said...

Wow, Allison, thanks. Now I really can say I'm doing somebody some good :)diab3t3s

At March 01, 2007 11:50 AM , Blogger jill. said...

As someone who just went through the big scary acts of finishing college and getting a real "grown-up" job, I can assure you that things will all work out fine.

I had a hard time with job searching (it can be rough on the ego), but I ended up working on exactly the type of project that I wanted. You will do great (you're certainly more organized than I was while I was still finishing up school)

Have fun with all of that traveling!


At March 02, 2007 6:46 AM , Blogger Scott said...


For what its worth, when I was in college, I often wrote papers right before they were due. It wasn't that I hadn't done any work on them (I often went to the library and researched a fair amount well ahead of time), but I left the final assembly until the end because I thrived on the last minute rush and did better work. I graduated summa cum laude, so it wasn't detrimental!

Don't get too worried over the job thing, in fact, its better to take time and get the right job rather than just to have something lined up the day you graduate.

See you in a few weeks!

At March 02, 2007 6:47 AM , Blogger Scott said...

Sorry about the Amy comment ... I meant Allison, but had 2 comment fields open at the same time, luckily I was able to fix Amy's before I posted it. Anyway, its Friday!

At March 02, 2007 3:50 PM , Blogger Bernard said...


Methinks you be worrying too much. So what if you don't know what you're doing. Give yourself a little time off before getting on the treadmill of whatever job you might get.

Have you considered a job in DC? Maybe as the health care person for senator or congress person? I think your communication skills would be useful there. And it would be nice to have an 'insider' working there. *8-)

At March 06, 2007 11:06 PM , Blogger Lori Rode said...

Geeze, I had forgotten that I had promised that.... I promise, I won't get her tooo drunk.

Silly kid. As if she's gonna be kicked off the planet. (heavy sigh) She knows so much and has so much yet to learn...


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