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Sunday, September 18, 2005

The City of Angels

So, when we last left our heroine, I was still in San Diego with my grandmother. A week later and I've moved 100 miles north to los angeles. I'm staying with my friend Julia who I went to high school with. here's a brief recap:

wednesday: arrived, toured the campus, had lunch, bought a purse and watched fight club. as much as i hate being a girl, i'm really glad i'm not a guy...

thursday: went to julia's gay literature class. interesting topic of conversation. a girl snuck her puppy in and we laughed. had lunch, and i walked around south central for a bit while she went to work. hung around the house for a bit and then we went to EatStreet Cafe (worst restaurant i've ever been to) and then we went to Spudnuts, a donut shop. made up for the crappy dinner.

friday: drove up to the valley and visited my great-aunt for awhile, which was fun. spent about 2.5 hours in traffic, however, so now I more completely understand why people bitch and moan about LA traffic. yes, I hate it too. Then, Julia, her roommate Cindy, and I went to Melrose to get my nose pierced. Yes. Your eyes are not deceiving you. You have not entered the Twilight Zone. I got my nose pierced. And I look pretty darn cute too. We meandered down Melrose for a while, browsing at shops we can't afford and eating crepes named after celebrities (audrey hepburn is yummy) and eating gelatto. mmmmm, gelatto. Almost makes up for the fact that you can't get water ice on the West Coast. Almost. We went party-hopping later that evening. The first one we went to was ok- pretty good music and I had my first rum & coke, which was better than I expected. I've heard bad things about rum, but I liked it. The alcohol definitely dropped my blood sugar, but I had lowered my basal rate so there wasn't any problems.

saturday: inland invasion: a huge rock concert put on by LA's KROQ. Weezer, Beck, Oasis, Cake, Garbage, Madness, The Bravery, Live, Jet... and more. I was afraid I was going to go low being at an all-day pavillion style concert. I turned my basal down at the beginning, but I went high because we actually didn't do much walking around or dancing because it was so hot out. So I went back to 100% until it looked like I was going to be moving more.

Everything was so expensive, so we ate before we got there and I had to spend $3.50 on water. We split something called a Hurricane, which tasted like lemonade and tequila. I took 1 unit to cover the lemonade, and lowered the basal for a bit to cover whatever amount of tequila I had. Around 5:30, when the main line-up was starting, I was 151 and I backed my basal down 30%. An hour and a half later, I was 109, lowered the basal another 10% and ate some popcorn and bolused half of what I normally would have. Somewhere around 10pm, I felt low, but I couldn't see my meter well enough to test (we were outside), so I popped 6 glucose tabs and felt fine. But I think I was feeling low because I was tired, right around 12:30 when we were driving home I definitely felt high so I bolused 4 units and went to bed. I woke up at 91. Yes, I should have tested. But if you had just come home from an 12-hour concert, you probably wouldn't have tested either. I didn't even wash my make-up off. I fell asleep with my headphones still on my head.

Sunday (that's today): not much has happened so far. Julia is at home doing homework for tomorrow and I'm at the school library. We're meeting up with another friend from high school later today. We're going to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills for a bit.

I fly home tomorrow. I will be in Portland for two days and then I start on Symlin, and I can guarentee you'll be getting a play-by-play on that little adventure.

Symlin and back-to-school... why do I get the feeling I'm just going to be starting all over again?


At November 19, 2005 10:55 PM , Blogger kreuzer said...


Please tell me why EatStreet Grill sucked. Although I may wholeheartedly agree, I need some good words from an objective, shoot-from-the-hip wordsmith like yourself.

You see, I have the unfortunate project for my Cases in New Ventures Class at USC of EatStreet Grill, dubbed by you as "the worst restaurant ever."

I would be very appreciative.


At November 19, 2005 11:52 PM , Blogger Allison said...

EatStreet Grill ranks as "worst restaurant ever" in the Allison's Book of World Records because of the dreadful quality of food. The eggs were rubbery, the hashbrowns were cold and I considered playing hockey with the sausages. Not to mention the low-class decor.


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