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Monday, January 09, 2006


Between being handed a tag by Ryan Bruner and the indecisiveness of Lyrecha and E, I've decided to post my Top 5 Most Random Things About Allison, because, well, I WANT to.

So there.

Randomness #1: I have never had a boyfriend. I know. I don't get it either. Honestly, I haven't found myself wanting to date very many people that I know, and the people I do want to date, well, don't want to date me. But it's funny, whenever I tell people about my Singledom, they always says, "But you're so pretty! You're so nice! ::pause:: Well, guys your age are jerks anyway, you might as well just wait until you're like 25." With that kind of reaction, am I supposed to be inclinded towards spending copious amounts of time with the opposite sex?

Randomness #2: I can't remember sound. Well, that's partially true. I have very poor sound retention. My memories are mostly silent. I can remember lyrics, but not the music. I can remember a fact that someone said, but I rarely can remember them saying it. I can remember seeing people, and I can remember having conversations about certain topics, but I can only play little tidbits of the actual conversation in my head. Going to concerts are pointless, because I can never remember what was played. I remember who was there, what it looked like, how much fun I had while I was there. But the songs? I can only remember if I'm listening to the song. Don't ever ask me "Do you know this song?" unless you can play me the song. Because the answer is no.

Randomness #3: I want to adopt a child. When I was 13, I watched a special on adoption on Oprah. I wanted my mother to adopt, but then I figured out that probably wasn't going to happen. So I decided I would adopt, and I've wanted to ever since. I'm not opposed to giving birth, I just really REALLY want to adopt. I like the idea of taking a child and giving it a home and love. Every child deserves that.

Randomness #4: I was baptized on a Thursday. I didn't grow up Christian and I came to the faith on my own towards the end of high school and beginning of college. The summer after my freshman year, I decided I didn't want to go back to school until I had been baptized. So I drove down to the community church I attended for one month during my senior year in high school and asked to be baptized. When the secretary asked me when, I told her August 19, 2004. It was a Thursday. I picked Thursday because I wanted a day to be My Day, and not Me and Everyone Else in Church.

Randomness #5: I have met people in Real Life that I met on the Internet. I know, I'm crazy. They have all been awesome experiences too. When I was 13, Deirdre and I met online through Girl's Life magazine. We were in D.C. with our families at the same time the following summer and we met at the Lincoln Memorial. In 2004, I flew back East and I stayed with her for a week. Also, when I was 13, I met Ashleigh from Georgia. She had a Christian e-zine and we stayed in touch for years. I flew to Georgia in March 2005 and stayed with her at her college for a week. When I was 15, my mom and I flew to Minnesota to meet two more girls that I met online through a fan club for actress Scarlett Pomers, from the WB show REBA. I'm terribly sad I can't go to Boston in March (dratted school!) because I would love to meet some of you. However, I will be going to the CWD Orlando conference, and I hope some of you will be there as well!

Honestly, I can't think of anyone who hasn't been tagged, so if you're just DYING for a chance to show the world how random you are, knock yourself out.

Edit: You're it, AmyT! ::smack::


At January 09, 2006 5:46 PM , Blogger Rachel said...

I didn't date anyone seriously until I met my now-husband (who I knew...FROM THE INTERWEB!!!). I was 20. Ah well.

At January 09, 2006 7:12 PM , Blogger Keith said...

Don't rush it on the dating thing. I meet my wife at church when I was 22. We got married three years later. She is just as awesome now (maybe more so!) as the day we met... and that was 23 years ago!

At January 09, 2006 11:01 PM , Blogger Allison said...

Thanks you guys! You see? Absolutely no motivation to date what-so-ever. Oh heavens. I suppose it will happen in its own sweet time.

At January 10, 2006 9:45 AM , Blogger julia said...

Dating is seriously over-rated. It's fun for about five minutes and then it becomes a major pain in the arse.

Oh, and I met my husband on the interwebthingy, too, as well as a couple of people who have become very, very good friends. Imaginary Internet Weirdos, Unite!

At January 11, 2006 6:35 PM , Blogger Megan said...

Glad to see you have finally posted your 5. I don't have a boyfriend either. Never met anyone I ever wanted to seriously date.

At January 25, 2006 3:16 AM , Blogger Raman said...

Hey isn't it strange that even i also tell people about my singeldom and they react he same way . at 24 i am still singel and dont kno whether i need sa date or not ?? or just lik eothers one day i will automatically find her.. the women i will desire and admire



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