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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

WARNING: Do Not Attempt to Operate After Midnight

Well, I suppose this is what I get for trying to spruce up my blog template. First, I couldn't find a template to go with my wonderful Lemonade Life logo (which I will never get rid of, unless someone can come up with something outstandingly superior). Second, all the templates either made the font of the posts too small or it mades the font of the sidebars too small (even this one is cutting it a little close with the About Me section...). Then, after perhaps finding a template suitable enough for me to call it a night and log off, I made the mistake of deleting one strand of HTML (note to self: never delete, always cut! NEVER delete, ALWAYS cut!) and it sent the entire sidebar flying across the page and onto the blog post, rendering the post unreadable and the entire blog a disaster zone.

Thus, at 12:30 a.m., I called it quits and put up a little "under construction due to sheer stupidity" note in small and simple bold font.

It really is ridiculously hard to find a good blog template unless you pay for it. I don't really have the funds to pay for one, and even then, there's usually a waiting list for a good designer, and with a comletely deleted template (thank God the posts were in tact. Repeat. Thank GOD the posts were in tact!) I couldn't very well just let the blog sit there with a note on the door saying "Sorry, Allison is currently unavailable. Please try back another time."

How rude.

So now, although this is also nearing the witching hour, I found a blog that I think might be suitable for my purposes. The font's nice and the paragraphs do not create five word sentences. I also like the nifty The Lemonade Network up at the top, which is a collection of all the places where I do work, either by contract or by sheer philanthropy. Then I have my little bar of information about moi, which will be linked back to posts that haven't been written yet (the wonders of changing dates on blogs). That stuff isn't up yet so you can roll your mouse over it to see the pretty colors, but that's about it... I'm also happy because I can keep a complete list of all my articles and interviews without looking like I'm from Planet "Look at me! Look at me!" (props to anyone who can tell me which movie that comes from).

Anyhow, more changes coming, but I have to get up early since our Walk Ambassadors are going to be on AM Northwest tomorrow.

So let me know what you think and, of course, if you have suggestions for what I should add or change, feel free to leave a comment. I'm open to suggestions, but keep in mind that I might not be physically capable of implementing the ideas... But it's always nice to hear what people think.

Unless you think my blog sucks, in which case, if you don't have something nice to say, you probably shouldn't say anything at all.


At September 13, 2006 7:06 AM , Blogger Sandra Miller said...


LOL (and a knowing nod of the head).

I can so relate to your template woes... it took hours of trial and error to make changes to my own template a while back.

One thing I found helpful was to create a dummy (non-public) blog with all of my stuff in it. That way, I could mess around all I wanted, and publish it before ever going "live" on the real blog.

Anyhow, your new design looks lovely-- clean and professional.

My only negative (and that's probably too strong a word), is the font-- seems a bit difficult to read.

Of course, this might be due to my being way overdue to update my eyeglass prescription :-)

Take care-- and get some sleep!



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