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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Allison: 1. Diabetes: 0.

So, last night, at work, I went low.

Not that low. But still low. Which really isn't anything amazing, I think, considering I've gone low 5,030,230 times since being diagnosed 12 years ago (ok, probably not that many. But you get the idea).

So, anyway, back to the story. I'm low and at the computer monitor making my cheery little phone calls to people who are eating dinner (and, in my defense, I rarely call people when they're eating dinner. I think it happens maybe twice a night).

I drink my little bottle of apple juice and I'm thinking, "I'm not going to come up fast enough."

You see, I had just taken Symlin. Now, theoretically, Symlin is awesome. Slowing down the release of sugar into the system so you don't skyrocket and then crashland. Brilliant. Uh, not when you're low. That's when you want to skyrocket. And here I am, sitting at the computer monitor, at work, in quite a lot of pain. Lows, for me, aren't fuzzy hearing or blurry vision or really even slowed thinking. But they hurt. A lot. In the hands and the feet.

So after about 5 minutes, I test, and the meters like "Yo, you're 96." (Ok, it didn't actually say "yo"...). But I'm like "Dude, I feel like crap. Worse than I did 5 minutes ago. No way am I 96."


"Uh, Heather, my blood sugars all screwy and..."

"Do you need some candy?" Okay, this actually is a perfectly logical response. You see, when we get pledges on a credit card, the supervisors hand us candy. We have two large containers of candy at our disposal. But no, sadly, candy is probably not the smartest option. But wait! There's Capri Sun in the fridge! Amazing!

But at this point I'm actually having trouble sitting up straight and my hands are going limp. Do I pretend I can make phone calls or do I lie down? Hm. Conundrum.

"Um. You think I could lay down in the lounge?"

"Sure." So I go to the back, sit on the couch and lean my head back, staring at the clock. Heather was cool about all of it though. She even said, after I got back to the monitor, that if I still wasn't feeling well I could go home (and make up the shift another day).

But I didn't have to. Blood sugar bounced back up to a warm 174 by 7:00. I'm not sure why the Symlin didn't make the low blood sugar last longer, since the last time I crashed with Symlin, I was low for almost an hour. Maybe it was because my blood sugar the last time was lower? Farther to go up? That might be it.

Anyway, the moral of the story: After I got back to the station, and starting my phone calls to pledges (25 minutes after everyone else, mind you!), I was able to get 3 pledges, with 2 of them on credit cards! The goal for the evening is a 22% pledge rate and I made 25%! I rock!

So there, Diabetes! Ha!


At February 28, 2006 2:04 PM , Blogger Sandra Miller said...

Yes, Allison- you most certainly do rock!

Thanks for turning a "low" story into a high :)

At February 28, 2006 3:27 PM , Blogger Johnboy said...

Allison, I would be happy to share Symlin low-recovery stories any time you want!

Nice job, btw! :)

At February 28, 2006 11:56 PM , Blogger Keith said...

Great job on making your percentage!

BTW, It'd be cool if my meter went, "Yo, your 72 and dropping fast"! If it did maybe I wouldn't be here at 2:47am and checking out your blog! (You have a great blog I'm just a little displeased with the hour... tomorrow's going to be be fun.)

At March 01, 2006 11:18 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

I love you site! And it would be sooo coll if meters actually said "yo!" LOL

At March 01, 2006 9:35 PM , Blogger Vivian said...

Good Recovery! Great job at getting those pledges! You do rock, you should have a cupcake.lol

At March 01, 2006 9:52 PM , Blogger Allison said...

Thanks for all the comments! :-) Makes me smile.

I think we should petition a talking meter that says "Yo." I think if I had a meter that said "Yo" I would test more often.

Just for the kicks of hearing it say "Yo."


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